Post Pandemic – Choosing the Right School For Your Child

Post Pandemic – Choosing the Right School For Your Child

Post Pandemic – Choosing the Right School For Your Child

The pandemic has revamped the entire education system. It has forced development of new dynamics in teaching pedagogy and curriculum up-gradation focused predominantly on changing the education landscape for the future. The preceding two years have paved way for the blended pedagogy mechanism, called the phygital education. The hybrid learning has given rise to discussions around learning deficits, remediation, accelerated learning and curriculum development, in line with international academic relevance.

To summaries, the entire teaching and learning environment for schools has changed drastically, post Covid. Intelligent parents will now be looking for a school that offers world-class facilities & international education. Their search will end on an institution that takes care of not just internationally acclaimed education, self-development and building social connections, but also takes into strict consideration the food hygiene standards, students to Teacher ratio, air & water quality that is par excellence and unmatchable.

Things to look in a School for  your Child

It is only pivotal to remember that a child devotes the most crucial time of their life being engaged with the school in some capacity. Which only makes it more important that we pick the school that offers the “Best” in every way possible; be it in terms of the education, faculty, infrastructure, values, co-curricular and extra-curricular.

Now that the students are happily resuming their school life with the pandemic subsiding, it is crucial that  you choose a school for your child, keeping in view that the school you opt for must be the epitome of a progressive and inclusive education system that does not hinder your child’s growth, in any way.

You need to ensure that the school, which will become the pillar of your child’s growth must have a system that abides by and establishes the following attributes-

  1. An Amalgamation of National and International Curriculum & Faculty – In the fast-pacing global world we need to ensure that all the learnings that children gain access to must be synergized with the academic knowledge that connects them to their roots and values. A curriculum that is personalized, at the same time universal in approach, content and provides exposure to the most advanced tech and developments. This would be possible only with the fusion of global faculties which bring with them a flavor of differential teachingpedagogy, added quality and learnings that would enrich experience of the child. This is the first step in making the child a global citizen.


  1. The nucleus of Happy Family – A child is the epicenter of a family’s happiness. It is thus crucial that the school that you choose for your child must be inclusive in its approach towards students along with providing a safe and secure environment to the young minds. Often, school teachers follow stringent rules that do not focus on developing and nurturing an emotional bond with the students which makes their journey monotonous and less nurturing. They feel emotionally drained, dis connected and unenthusiastic to come to the school. To combat this, a parent must be wise to associate one’s family with a school that is welcoming, understanding, easy to approach and flexible to the emotional, educational, spiritual, cultural needs of the child.


  1. World-class facilities & amenities One of the most basic attributes in choosing a strong academic foundation for your child is to ensure that the school has all useful, well thought amenities and facilities that help your child to stay at par with the latest technologies. For instance, having advanced computer labs, science labs, sports auditorium/arena, digital libraries, and digital classrooms enable students to learn beyond the traditional learning methods. It allows remote teaching, easy accessibility, imparting education at different time zones at the same time.


  1. Perfect anatomy of progressive education– Schools must have a progressive learning environment through collaborations with national and international universities, schools, organizations and platforms for the exchange of knowledge across different continents. Furthermore, schools must break the cycle of traditional teaching methods of rote learning, chalk & talk, fixed curriculum. The generation Z demands a progressive education system that includes, exchange of ideas, freedom to develop and share new insights and training through hands-on projects, expeditionary learning, and experiential learning, personalized curriculum and flexible learning.


  1. Triad of learning community – The child, Parent & Teacher– The trio marks the foundation of a stronger and more aware child wherein the three come together to discuss the challenges and opportunities for the student. This must be achieved through regular parent-teacher-student interactions, especially in this new phase when the entire education system has been transformed, post-Covid.


  1. Network of value-added technology and insights– Expert knowledge is a must in the current world. Hence, guest lectures from industry experts will add value to the regular teaching; it also provides exposure in terms of up-to-date tech advancements, the literature for which may not be available in textbooks. Moreover, with the use of latest technology, learning experiences of a child can be taken to different heights & dimensions.


  1. The epicenter of Persona Development– This is a known fact that only acquiring academic knowledge does not contribute to the overall personality development of a student, hence, both academic and personality development must go hand in hand through extra-curricular activities and sports development.

Hence, in this post-pandemic world where education is evolving through technology, hybrid learning and an expansive learning approach, it is a need of the hour that you consider the above pointers before choosing a school for a better and brighter future for your child.

The Ecosystem of UNICOSMOS School has been carefully woven to include each of the above features, for making UNICOSMOS School as one of the Best International School in Gurgaon. With its skill based learning program driven by International Faculty, it has truly emerged as Best IB School in Delhi/NCR. The International Curriculum, Pedagogy & association of International Students makes UNICOSMOS as Truly International & Best School in Gurgaon City.

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