Story, poem or blog competition organised By Unicosmos school

Unicosmos school finds ways to value, represent and integrate the languages of the learning community. We support all learners in reaching their fullest potential and give autonomy to express in their own native language.

To promote multilingualism (an ability of an individual speaker or a community of speakers to communicate effectively in three or more languages) that fosters the development of communication and creative thinking skills, Unicosmos school has organised a story, poem or blog writing competitions in English, Japanese and Hindi languages.

Kotomi Kitamura of Grade 2 has written a story in her native language- Japanese. Also she exhibited International Mindedness by beautifully presenting IB Learner profile Attributes.

Our risk-taker, Devveer Narula of Kindergarten illustrated a story by making connections with the current crisis of Global Pandemic and recommended safety measures in these uncertain times, is highly appreciable!

We are so proud of our Unicosmosians who participated to showcase their thinking and communication skills.

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