Parenting & childhood program


my mom completes me
my mom is indeed me
she is my universe,
she is everywhere
she will always choose
the perfect environment
that best suits me…

Parenting & Childhood program of UNICOSMOS School is an exclusive parenting centre, where infant angels from 6 months onwards upto 30 months can acclimatise and prepare themselves on the process of learning in a unique way. Nestled and designed with utmost care and compassion at UNICOSMOS campus, this unique facility and program, open doors for mothers to accompany the child in the settling down journey with heart-warming facilities for nursing the babies, without compromising the precious bond of mother-hood.

This program encompasses entire cosmos of meaningful activities for child’s personal and socio-emotional development designed to understand every child’s congenital, language and pre-numeracy skills. This is the ideal incubation program to channelize parent’s and child’s unbridled energies, flowing emotions and transform the beautiful bond into sheer poetry.

Age-appropriate curriculum based on the developmental milestones of Early Years Foundation Stage of UK is the soul of this program.