Message from Founder


Having spent my professional life in educating students, I have observed that Indian Education System often fall short in giving confidence to students in India, to handle challenges posed by international language, culture & technological skills. The root cause for the same is limited exposure of World’s renowned practices, to students in India. The learning process for student in India can be made vibrantly live, if we are able to amalgamate various cultures, value systems & pedagogies from different parts of the World and provide such comprehensive education to students, in India.

UNICOSMOS School has been developed to achieve such dynamism in education for students in India. The unique learning ecosystem of UNICOSMOS School has been designed to develop personality of its students, thereby giving them appropriate confidence to excel in any part of the World. The learning process at UNICOSMOS School has been customised to the extent of bespoke-education. Each student is given personalised attention to develop his/her confidence in handling challenges of the next generation. Our team is capable of giving sufficient international exposure, blended with best pedagogies from various countries, to make our students life-long learners. Education at UNICOSMOS School is topped-up with international sports, language & culture, under the care of mentors hailing from different parts of the World, to bring best learning experience.

G.C. Mittal, Founder