Ms. Shveta P Mittal

Ms. Shveta P Mittal is an integral part of leadership team at Unicosmos. She earned her Bachelors in Commerce from Delhi University. She has completed Diploma in Computer Aided Fashion Designing with top ranking and trained several students in her leadership, for the same. She is also a well trained in Indian Classical Kathak Dance form.

She is an academician and have several scholastic achievements in her learning span. She is a creative artist, vibrant, dynamic & inspiring speaker and have won several awards for the same, by various Art Institutes. Her attachment to Hindi Language has been awarded by Minister of Education, Union Government of India, thru Saahitya Academy, Delhi University.  Shveta is an accomplished multitalented personality, who brings with her rich experience on mentoring, coaching and guiding young kids and students for becoming accomplished & successful human beings.

She was school topper throughout her schooling, earned several prestigious scholarships at her respective school and colleges. She has been an enthusiastic performer for various creative art forms.  She has been leading a team of educators, engaged in education of under-privileged NGO students and their well-being. She is also engaged in imparting Indian Culture, value & moral education to international students as well as Indian Students.