Advisory Board


Kate Berger

Kate Berger, MSc, is a child and adolescent psychologist, consultant, speaker and the founder of The Expat Kids Club which provides counsel to youngsters and, their families via individual and corporate consultation. Kate has lived as an expat in The Netherlands for over a decade, and in addition to her work as a psychologist, Kate is the Co-Founder of the Families In Global Transition (FIGT) affiliate in The Netherlands, on the FIGT Board of Directors, and is a dedicated mindfulness meditation practitioner and certified instructor. Kate supports expatriate children globally via private, institutional and corporate consultation, networking, collaboration and outreach. Kate is passionate about engaging children to feel empowered in their family’s transition to a new country, different from their respective home country. Kate helps children to experience a fun-filled learning of developing life-skills and contribute to the well being of family and the community.