At Unicosmos School, the facilities and amenities are much more than simple brick and mortar. They are the important vehicles and platforms to enable a child to develop 360 degrees. Contemporary architectural design in the school campus  lays a strong emphasis on the provision of appropriate elements, like learning zones for individual and collaborative learning; alleys with resources that evoke imagination, well-stocked library with IT tools to kindle research skills and much more.

The cocoon of Unicosmos encompasses every single design element with Learner and Learning Process in the centre. International standards are maintained to ensure a safe and hygienic environment. Stringent hiring processes for tier three employees, frequent sanitation routines, and CCTV surveillance of the entire campus and Buses are some of the highlights of our cocoon.

A holistic experience of curricular and co-curricular aspects is well balanced by amenities like multipurpose hall for various kinds of sports, indoor temperature-controlled swimming pool, auditorium, music, dance, and art studios.

The very foundations of architecture and infrastructure has been visualised from the eyes of a child. Every nook and corner is envisaged keeping in centre the basic principle of “safety first”. The following features ensure the uncompromised approach towards providing a child-friendly and conducive environment.

  • Antibacterial Flooring across all classrooms and learning areas
  • Arched Doors to prevent injuries
  • Separate dispersal areas for transport users and private pick-ups
  • Low height washrooms at equidistant from classrooms
  • Learning zones strategically situated to minimize noise and distractions in classrooms
  • Well connected key areas that lessen transition times, enables quick school tour and swift address of medical emergencies
  • Architectural design to direct and regulate the spread of heat & light during different hours of the day