Why Unicosmos

International Leadership

The Japanese way has always been highly organised and sophisticated. We draw inspiration from Japanese leadership to be able to provide international education to students belonging to different countries of the world..

International Faculty

Teachers from the native countries of the students form the core of Unicosmos, to provide same level of education as being provided in the native countries of the respective students.

IB (PYP) Integrated with Native Curriculum

We have a system to design and customise curriculum for students from different countries of the world. We have a detailed student assessment system to know the unique requirements of each student.

Parenting & Childhood program

Our Parenting & Childhood Program has been specially crafted for the toddler section of our school. In this program, the toddlers attend school along with their mothers, helping both the mom and the child to build a stronger bond, while receiving education through visuals and music.

International Pedagogy

We follow IB (PYP) and international pedagogy as per systems followed by schools of Japan, Korea, China and Britain.

International Environment & Community

The school facilitates an International environment, with the support of international level of infrastructure for students of the world.

International Arts & Sports embedded into academics

We encourage our students to participate in co-curricular activities, comprising of a host of international sports, visual arts and performing arts.

Blend of Indian, Japanese and Korean values

Value education is rooted in Indian philosophy and culture and ingrained in every tradition of Indian culture. Japanese values and culture guides to be disciplined and sincere Humbleness are the key characteristics Korean culture. They value diligent and hard work. These three paramount parameters form the basis of education at Unicosmos.

International Food

International food for
students, coupled with care of Pediatric Doctor/ Psychiatrist.

English Language

Base medium of education to be English for about 75% of time spent by students in the school. Remaining 25% time will be spent by students in learning native education, language and culture.

High Level Security for Students

We take full responsibility of safety of our students, right from their pick-up to drop down to their home. Inculcation of proper security measures in the school infrastructure, right from the initial stages of construction, has ensured high security standards.

Involvement of High-End Technology

We believe that Sustainability comes to those who walk with Modernity. We have equipped the school with the latest technology, that is by far the best in the industry. At Unicosmos, education and technology go hand in hand.

An Ideal Location

Our School is located in the heart of Gurgaon, on the Golf Course Road, bringing the school campus closer to the student’s home.