UNICOSMOS mission is to nurture innovative thinkers who are empathetic, principled and reflective, equipped with critical thinking skills essential for thriving in an ever changing world. Learners rooted in their culture and yet living and flourishing in the world with an international mindset.

We aim to achieve this by imbibing universal values to maintain open-mindedness in the diverse world, develop and instill a passion for lifelong learning, to be responsible, compassionate and innovative global citizens.


To create a futuristic learning environment, rich in creativity & values, where students from all nationalities are nurtured to develop a deep sense of responsibility, towards self and larger community.

Core Values

A deep educational philosophy guides the high academic expectations of our school. This is regulated by our able team of mentors and board members.

  •  Unicosmos views education with a perspective of transforming individual understanding.
  •  We believe that human beings should be encircled in humility, compassion, and creativity.
  •  Our curriculum includes creatively designed learning experiences that extend beyond the purely academic sphere.
  •  We aim to develop a profound sense of healthy interpersonal relationships in our students.
  •  Teachers work to inculcate a deep sense of global citizenship amongst the students.